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June 2005

Educational computing environments, with a mix of platforms and operating systems, and wide ranging user skill levels, represent one of the most challenging environments for IT managers.

30 Jun 2005

Sophos has expanded its UK sales team, with the appointment of six new employees.

29 Jun 2005

A spam campaign that poses as virtual postcard delivery is really an attempt to lure innocent computer users into being infected by a series of Trojan horses.

28 Jun 2005

Two men accused who stole money following phishing and identity fraud scams have been sentenced to jail for a total of 10 years.

28 Jun 2005

The Kedebe-F worm sends emails claiming that a conspiracy was responsible for the death of Pope John Paul II.

28 Jun 2005

A man from Perth, Australia is accused of sending 56 million spam email messages.

24 Jun 2005

Japanese nuclear power plant secrets are reported to have been leaked by a computer virus

23 Jun 2005

Last Friday, a payment-processing centre in Atlanta became the largest target of a successful hacking attack. According to media reports, the company discovered that information for millions of transactions was stolen, allowing unauthorised third-parties to commit fraud.

20 Jun 2005

Sophos's joint-CEO Dr Jan Hruska was recently involved in a lively discussion with the senior editors at Computerworld Australia.

17 Jun 2005

Experts at SophosLabs™ have recently assisted the UK government in analysing a series of Trojans designed to steal confidential and sensitive information. According to a report from the NISCC, nearly 300 UK government departments and businesses which are critical to the country's infrastructure have been the subject of Trojan horse attacks.

16 Jun 2005

Experts at SophosLabs report that the malicious family of Mytobs continues to grow. New variants are being pushed out by the virus writers, using a variety of tactics.

15 Jun 2005

Microsoft issued a batch of ten security fixes for its customers yesterday. The critical patches address vulnerabilities in Windows and Internet Explorer that can allow an unauthorised remote attacker to take control of a computer.

15 Jun 2005

A message being spammed out claiming that Michael Jackson has attempted suicide is a ruse to infect innocent computer users.

09 Jun 2005

South Essex Partnership NHS Trust has deployed Sophos PureMessage and Sophos Anti-Virus to protect its networks from viruses, spam, Trojan horses and spyware.

09 Jun 2005

New versions of the Mytob worm are emerging which spread without using an email attachment, but include a web link to the malicious code instead.

08 Jun 2005

The LdPinch-BD Trojan horse steals confidential information whilst displaying an animated image of a singing lion.

07 Jun 2005

Sophos Anti-Virus has been awarded the VB 100% award in the June 2005 edition of Virus Bulletin.

06 Jun 2005

Sophos successfully protects against all the latest Bagle Trojans using proactive technology.

02 Jun 2005

According to SophosLabs™, Sophos's global network of virus and spam analysis centres, the Mytob worms currently account for more than half of the top twenty viruses reported to Sophos in the last 48 hours, representing 42.9% of all virus reports.

02 Jun 2005

Sophos demonstrated a prototype of its Linux on-access virus scanner at LinuxWorld Expo/Tokyo on 1 and 2 June 2005.

02 Jun 2005

Sophos, a world leader in protecting businesses against spam and viruses, has published a report revealing the top ten viruses and hoaxes causing problems for businesses around the world during the month of May 2005.

01 Jun 2005