International spam gang hit by lawsuit for peddling porn, pills and pirated software

Sophos Press Release

The Massachusetts Attorney General has filed a lawsuit designed to disrupt the activities of an international spam gang. According to the suit, the spam gang has sent millions of unsolicited emails in an attempt to drive internet users to websites peddling a seedy array of goods.

Attorney General Tom Reilly has been granted an emergency court order to shut down the network of websites run by the spam gang, offering goods ranging from pornography, bogus prescription drugs, pirated software and fake luxury goods.

"Spam which peddles bogus prescription drugs is not just a nuisance, it's a serious danger to people's health," said Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant for Sophos. "Spam gangs who sell goods via illegal and unwanted email need to be shut down by the authorities. It's encouraging to see the Massachusetts authorities investigating and hunting down those who fill up innocent users' inboxes with unwanted junk email."

The companies said to be behind the spam campaigns, 2K Services Ltd and Ecash Pay Ltd, are said to be run by alleged gang ring leader Leo Kuvayev. According to the Massachusetts Attorney General's office, the companies use a Boston-based PO box for correspondence.

Leo Kuvayev is said to have a home in Massachusetts, but is believed to now be residing in Russia. The investigation into Kuvayev and six named colleagues is continuing, and no charges have yet been brought against any individuals.

Attorney General Reilly wants gang members fined for breaking spam-related laws, and to repay costs for those who have been bombarded with unwanted spam email.

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