$24 million spammer sentenced to 9 years in jail, Sophos reports

Sophos Press Release

A US court has sentenced Jeremy Jaynes, 30, to 9 years in jail for sending emails with fraudulent and untraceable routing information.

Jaynes used bulk spam email to market fake products such as a "Fedex refund processor" for $39.95. This product was supposedly capable of helping people working from home earn $75 an hour. In one month alone, Jaynes received orders for the product totalling almost $400,000.

Jaynes, who sometimes used the pseudonym Gaven Stubberfield, is said to have built up a fortune of $24 million selling products via spam.

"This sentence sends out a strong message to other spammers that their activities are not going to be tolerated by the US authorities," said Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant for Sophos. "Those involved in spamming would be sensible to take heed of Jaynes's predicament, and close down their spam operations. It's likely that Jeremy Jaynes's nine year sentence will keep a few spammers awake at night wondering if the rewards are really worth it."

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