Sophos and Process Software partner to offer industry-leading virus protection to PMDF messaging server and PreciseMail Anti-Spam Gateway

Sophos Press Release

Lynnfield/Framingham, MA - Sophos, a global leader in network security and Process Software, a Platinum Equity company and supplier of communications software solutions to mission-critical environments, announced today a formal strategic partnership. With this agreement, Process Software offers its messaging customers an industry-leading virus scanning add-on module for both its PMDF messaging server and PreciseMail Anti-Spam Gateway software products. The companies formed a partnership in response to Process Software customers' demand for a complete messaging and security solution at the Internet gateway.

Process Software first entered the messaging market in 2000 when it began developing and supporting PMDF messaging suite, a product previously developed by Innosoft. "To remain competitive and expand our market presence in the messaging market, Process Software saw an opportunity to combine both spam and virus protection," said Brian P. McDonald, Process Software president and chief executive officer. "Customers are viewing spam and viruses as a growing security threat to their business and are seeking an integrated solution to address this serious issue. This partnership will allow us to meet these security challenges more efficiently.

Leveraging Process Software's 20-years of experience with email technology and network security of mission critical networks, the company developed and introduced PreciseMail Anti-Spam Gateway in 2003. Its multi-layer filtering technology has a proven out-of-the-box spam detection accuracy rate of 98% without losing legitimate messages. PreciseMail Anti-Spam Gateway was first sold as an add-on product to PMDF, Sendmail, and Sun Java System Messaging Server. Since 2004, it is also being sold to the larger messaging market as a standalone anti-spam solution, working with any email server.

Process Software pursued Sophos for its industry-leading virus scanning technology and their support for the same platforms as both PMDF and PreciseMail Anti-Spam Gateway operate on including Linux, Solaris, Tru64, and OpenVMS. Prior to the partnership, Process Software and Sophos shared some common customers, especially in the educational and OpenVMS market. Now customers will benefit from the integration of these solutions.

"As threats such as viruses, spam, phishing, spyware and other malware converge, increase in volume, maliciousness, complexity and speed, businesses require robust protection," said Richard Baldry, head of strategic alliances at Sophos. "Process Software's messaging clients will benefit from SophosLabs™, Sophos's global network of security threat analysis centers, to provide proactive and rapid virus protection. We are very pleased to partner with Process Software."

About Process Software

Process Software has been a premier supplier of communications software solutions to mission critical environments for twenty years. We were early innovators of email software and anti-spam technology. Process Software has a proven track record of success with thousands of customers, including many Global 2000 and Fortune 1000 companies.

About Platinum Equity

Platinum Equity is a global M&A&O® firm specialized in the merger, acquisition and operation of mission-critical services and solutions companies. Since its founding in 1995, Platinum Equity has acquired more than 50 businesses and built a portfolio of companies with nearly 40,000 employees and more than 600,000 customer sites. With revenue approaching $8 billion, Platinum Equity in 2004 was named the 32nd largest private company in the United States by Forbes magazine.

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