Sophos and Stalker Software partner to provide total virus protection

Sophos Press Release

Lynnfield, MA - Sophos, a global leader in network security and Stalker Software, the technology leader in email, collaboration, and real-time communication solutions, today announced a formal partnership. With this agreement, Stalker Software offers CommuniGate Pro messaging users a sophisticated and comprehensive anti-virus solution. Stalker Software and Sophos joined forces in response to demand in the Japanese market from partners as well as to the needs of customers running on HP Tru64 and OpenVMS, platforms that have historically been neglected by the anti-virus software industry.

SophosLabs™, a global network of virus and spam analysis centers, which provide 24-hour protection against the latest threats, analyzed and protected against more than 1,200 new viruses over the past two months. Using the Sophos virus scanning technology, Stalker Software has created a plug-in for the CommuniGate Pro messaging server to provide protected email connectivity for its more than 58 million users.

"Malicious threats have increased in volume, complexity and are spreading between business networks within seconds," said Richard Baldry, Head of Strategic Alliances at Sophos. "This partnership will afford Stalker's client-base a defense against viruses, Trojans, worms and spyware without impacting performance. We are very pleased to partner with Stalker Software."

Stalker's Japan operations have grown considerably in the last 6 months and new partnerships such as Computer Systems Engineering Co., Ltd. (CSE), a major Japanese distributor, have initiated the need to offer the popular Sophos virus detection engine for the CommuniGate Pro Real-Time Communications server for customers in these regions.

In addition, Stalker's telecommunication and service provider customers typically support millions of accounts on many platforms, including the popular HP Tru64, and require a reliable anti-virus solution. Stalker continues to expand its partnership with HP and recently added the OpenVMS platform to the list of supported operating systems to help further penetration into the mid-enterprise market. In addition to HP Tru64 and OpenVMS, Sophos supports all popular operating systems, from Windows to Mac, including Solaris, FreeBSD, SCO UnixWare and Linux, allowing Stalker Software to offer its customers a choice in anti-virus solutions.

"To remain competitive and effective, organizations must protect their internet connections from virus disruptions. Stalker provides our customers with the best choices for their important decisions regarding security and protection," said Vladimir Butenko, CEO of Stalker Software. "Our strategy of partnering and integrating with leading anti-virus products such as Sophos answers these challenges and provides our customers with the most aggressive and current virus protection available on the market."

Reliable and scaleable integrated-messaging technology is the cornerstone of any successful messaging implementation. CommuniGate Pro Real-Time Communications server offers email, groupware features like calendaring, invites, and tasks as well as a SIP-based solution for Real-Time Applications. Built-in functionalities include SMTP, POP, IMAP, directory services, MAPI for Outlook™, instant messaging and Webmail. CommuniGate Pro runs on over 30 major platforms, including all UNIX flavors, AS/400, OpenVMS, Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

About Stalker Software

Founded in 1991, Stalker Software is based in Mill Valley, California. Stalker Software is the technology leader in email, collaboration, and real-time communication solutions for more than 30 major computer platforms. The company's core technology merges security, reliability, scalability and a wide range of integrated services, including voice and data, with ease of deployment and administration. More than 8,500 users worldwide, ranging from top-tier global telcos and ISPs to educational institutions and corporations, service over 58 million accounts with CommuniGate Pro. Stalker Software has over 850 members in its partner network worldwide. For more information about Stalker Software and its products, please contact Ali Liptrot, vice president of marketing at (800) 262-4722 or (415) 383-7164; by fax at (415) 383-7461; or email at

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