A virus infection at what price? Sophos warns of latest Bagle variant

August 10, 2004 Sophos Press Release

Virus researchers at Sophos are warning users to beware of the latest Bagle worm, Bagle-AQ, which burst onto the scene late yesterday.

Bagle-AQ spreads as an email with a blank subject line and the message text 'new price'. Attached is one of a number of ZIP files all of which also refer to 'price'. If run, the worm attempts to download a copy of Bagle-AQ from a number of websites, and the download is repeated every ten hours.

"The Bagle worms in all their various guises are becoming a real pain in the neck for the world's computer users - this is the 43rd variant," said Carole Theriault, security consultant, Sophos. "We received a huge number of reports in the first few hours of it being the wild, suggesting that Bagle-AQ was spammed out."

"This worm might seem easy to spot because of the blank subject line, but up-to-date anti-virus software will ensure that computers will be protected from it, even when it travels at break-neck speeds. We have seen many viruses dupe users into double-clicking with the promise of scantily clad celebrities, but this one relies on good old curiosity," continued Theriault.

Sophos recommends that all unsolicited emails are treated with caution.