Worm wipeout: SCO website disappears as MyDoom attacks, Sophos comments

February 02, 2004 Sophos Press Release

The W32/MyDoom-A worm has launched a denial of service attack against the website belonging to the software company SCO.

Computers infected by W32/MyDoom-A (known as "zombies") are launching the attack, designed to knock SCO's website (www.sco.com) off the internet, between 1 and 12 February. Infected computers are also vulnerable to being hacked, and Sophos recommends affected users update their anti-virus software and download a disinfection utility.

"It's hard to say just how many infected computers may have participated in the attack against SCO's website but it's likely to be a significant number," said Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant for Sophos. "The MyDoom worm is a serious problem, but it is easy to detect, easy to prevent and not difficult to remove. All users should ensure their computers are properly protected."

In a statement SCO announced that their website was suffering from a denial of service attack, and recommended customers and partners visit an alternative version of their website not affected by the attack: www.thescogroup.com.