Will MyDoom-B bring down Microsoft's website? Sophos comments

February 02, 2004 Sophos Press Release

Virus experts at Sophos think it is unlikely that Microsoft's website will suffer a successful denial of service attack from the W32/MyDoom-B worm.

The MyDoom-B worm is set to launch a denial of service attack at 13:09 UTC on 3 February. However, Sophos has received very few reports of actual infected computers. This compares with the high number of reports of the worm's predecessor, W32/MyDoom-A, which launched an attack which has blasted SCO's website off the internet.

"The very small number of reports of MyDoom-B suggests that the attack on Microsoft will fail, and that you are more likely to have seen the worm in newspaper headlines than in your email inbox," said Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant for Sophos. "However, this is no reason for complacency. All computer users should ensure they are protected against the latest virus attacks - the MyDoom-A worm, for instance, still poses a significant threat."

Sophos has published further information about MyDoom-B and recommends customers sign up for email notification about new virus threats.