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05 Nov 2003

Zelig virus suspect charged in Italy for stealing 100,000 Euros with premium-rate call scam

Zelig is also a film by Woody Allen
Was the worm named after a Woody Allen film?

Sophos has reacted to Italian newspaper reports that a 39-year-old Italian man has been charged with fraud and virus distribution in relation to the Marq-A worm, also known as Zelig or Voltan.

The W32/Marq-A email-aware worm, first seen in October 2003, directed innocent computer users to a website where a malicious program posing as a screensaver could be downloaded. If run, the worm would change the phone number used for accessing the internet to a premium-rate number based in Aruba in the Dutch Antilles. It is claimed that more than 57,000 minutes were logged on the premium-rate number amounting to an estimated £71,000 (104,000 Euros). If the virus had been allowed to continue for a month, it is estimated over one million Euros would have been collected.

The Italian financial police were able to freeze the money accrued by the worm, which was first sent to a New York bank account, then transferred via Venezuela before ending up in an account belonging to a "ghost" company in Aruba.

Because the virus only communicated in Italian, it had little effect on the rest of the world.

"Interestingly, Marq-A is one of only a few viruses which attempt to make money. Many viruses cause severe disruption and financial loss to companies worldwide, but offer no financial gain to their author," said Carole Theriault, security consultant at Sophos. "It is positive to see that authorities in different countries can work together in order to prevent these crimes. If cybercriminals believe that they can be traced and made to pay for their actions, maybe they will think twice about releasing their malicious code."

The Marq worm arrived in the form of an email with the subject line "The moment is cathartic", written in Italian, directing users to download what was claimed to be a screensaver called zelig.scr. Flavio Oreglio, one of the stars of the Italian TV show "Zelig", is the author of a book called "The moment is cathartic" and it is suspected that this will have encouraged some Italian-speaking people to download the malicious program.

Zelig is also the name of a 1980s Woody Allen film about a man who travels through recent history, assuming a number of different guises.

News of the charges in Italy comes as Microsoft announces that it is prepared to pay up to $500,000 for information leading to the arrest of people believed to be behind the destructive Sobig and Blaster worms.

"A clear message is being sent out to the computer underground: The authorities are prepared to pursue and punish you for the crimes you commit on the internet," continued Theriault.

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