Sophos and Talk-101 converse to combat virus threat

July 03, 2002 Sophos Press Release


Sophos, a world leader in corporate anti-virus protection, announced today that its technology has been selected by Talk-101, the complete business internet solution provider, to form an integral part of its internet management service.

Using SAVI (Sophos Anti-Virus Interface), Talk-101 can effectively protect its customers against virus attack. This solution scans all emails for known and many unknown viruses, and will either disinfect or quarantine documents carrying a virus. In addition, Talk-101 is able to automatically update virus definitions every minute, ensuring the highest levels of protection.

"We chose to partner with Sophos on account of its 100% detection rates and the ease with which we were able to integrate its technology," said Simon Jones, managing director of Talk-101. "We are now able to offer customers the anti-virus functionality they require along with total peace of mind."

"For managed service providers, anti-virus scanning is no longer an optional extra, security services represent a critical part of their customer offerings," said Richard Baldry, product manager at Sophos. "Talk-101 is the latest MSP taking responsibility for email anti-virus protection based on Sophos technology."

About Talk-101

Talk-101 offers a complete business internet solution, providing internet access, domain registration, web and server hosting, anti-virus protection and internet filtering services. For more details on these services please visit