Nimda strikes online gamers

June 28, 2002 Sophos Press Release

GameSpy, a website that delivers live multiplayer gaming to thousands of users around the world, has acknowledged that it unwittingly distributed a virus earlier this week.

Visitors to the GameSpy website who downloaded GameSpy Arcade 1.09, the company's file exchange software, on Tuesday and Wednesday could have downloaded the W32/Nimda-D virus, according to GameSpy CEO Mark Surfas.

"This registers with us as a serious, serious error," Surfas said. "We're pretty upset about it. This is not cool."

According to media reports GameSpy contacted affected users via email and has removed the infection from their system.

Sophos advises customers that if they have kept their anti-virus software up to date they should have little to fear as Sophos Anti-Virus has been capable of protecting against W32/Nimda-D for over nine months.