Sophos Anti-Virus: New features available

March 05, 2002 Sophos Press Release

As part of its policy of continually developing and enhancing its software solutions, Sophos is pleased to announce the release of Sophos Anti-Virus 3.55n. This non-standard version (NSV) includes enhanced file handling for the following file types:

Unix ELF

Embedded objects within RTF files are handled and scanned as they are when embedded in Microsoft Word documents.

Files in Unix ELF are now handled correctly when scanned.

UUEncoded and Zipmail files are scanned when archive scanning is enabled.

The handling of MIME and HTML files has been improved.

Furthermore, Sophos Anti-Virus for NetWare includes Novell Cluster Services support.

In all other aspects the NSV offers the same virus detection capabilities as the default version and can use the same IDE files (in other words, March 2002 version 3.55).

Customers are invited to try the non-standard version if they wish, or continue to use the standard version of Sophos Anti-Virus until it is replaced by the NSV.