May 2001

Sophos, a world leader in corporate anti-virus protection, is today warning users about a potentially destructive new virus which poses as a nude picture of Latino lovely Jennifer Lopez.

31 May 2001

Sophos, a world leader in corporate virus protection today reminded companies how increased use of encryption to keep emails private and confidential may impact on their networks' virus protection.

30 May 2001

A new virus highlighting the friction between Muslims and Buddhists in Sri Lanka holds little threat to computers users according to Sophos Anti-Virus.

18 May 2001

The Sadmind Unix worm takes advantage of known flaws in computer operating systems.

14 May 2001

In the early hours of Wednesday May 9, at 00:30 GMT, Sophos issued an email alert to its customers regarding the VBS/VBSWG-X worm (also known as the Homepage worm).

10 May 2001

Sophos, a world leader in corporate anti-virus protection, today announced that it is to protect IT systems in all of Northern Ireland's schools from virus attack. Sophos will defend the schools as part of a deal with eBusiness services company, ICL.

10 May 2001

Higher Ed Systems (HES), the software and services company owned by the Australian Vice-Chancellors' Committee (AV-CC), has announced a new deal for universities looking to upgrade their anti-virus software.

09 May 2001

Sophos announced today that its product has once again achieved West Coast Labs Checkmark certification.

08 May 2001

Sophos, a world leader in corporate anti-virus solutions, announced that Ralph R. Pisani, Jr., has joined the company as Director of Business Development in the U.S.

07 May 2001

Although the first worm written for the MSN Messenger platform holds little threat to users, it does highlight the potential vulnerability that Instant Messaging (IM) creates in IT security systems, according to Sophos Anti-Virus.

04 May 2001

Friday, 4th May will mark the first anniversary of the infamous Love Bug computer virus, yet users are still falling for virus- writers' tricks, according to Sophos Anti-Virus.

03 May 2001