Swiss man imprisoned after distributing virus CD ROM

February 27, 2001 Sophos Press Release

German newspapers have reported that the Swiss Supreme Court has sentenced a man to two months in prison after he was found guilty of distributing a CD-ROM containing viruses.

The 30 year old man had earlier been fined 300 Swiss Francs by the Court of Zurich. On February 22 2001 the Swiss Supreme Court confirmed the Zurich court's ruling, increasing the fine to 5000 Swiss Francs and imposing an additional sentence of two months imprisonment.

It is understood the CD-ROM contained instructions and source code for writing viruses.

"Why on earth is a 30 year old grown man distributing CDs containing virus-writing instructions?", said Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant for Sophos Anti-Virus. "Maybe it's time those people who write and distribute viruses took a long hard look at themselves and grew up. Sentences such as these prove that the authorities are prepared to take action against those who distribute malicious code."