Hey You! AOL Trojan no threat to Sophos users

February 02, 2001 Sophos Press Release

Sophos technical support has received a number of calls from users concerned about a AOL password-stealing Trojan horse called "APSTrojan.qa" following a press announcement by McAfee.com.

Sophos customers have nothing to fear from this Trojan horse (which Sophos Anti-Virus calls Troj/Mine) as all versions of Sophos Anti-Virus have been protecting against it for over a year. Information was first published on our website regarding this threat in February 2000 and all versions of our software since have included complete protection against it.

"We're baffled as to why McAfee.com published this high profile alert about a 12 month old Trojan horse," said Graham Cluley, head of corporate communications for Sophos Anti-Virus. "Anyone who has kept their anti-virus up-to-date should have been protected against this threat a year ago."

Sophos recommends that companies practise safe computing, and has published a short list of tips which can be used to dramatically reduce your chances of attack by viruses and Trojan horses.