Are you protected against Prolin/Shockwave?

December 07, 2000 Sophos Press Release

The technical support department at Sophos Anti-Virus is receiving an increasing number of calls from customers affected by the W32/Prolin (also known as Shockwave).

The virus arrives in the form of an email attachment called CREATIVE.EXE, with the subject line:

A great Shockwave flash movie
and the message body text:
Check out this new flash movie that I downloaded just now...It's Great, Bye

The worm, although nothing like as prevalent as the Melissa or LoveBug outbreaks, is being encountered very often and Sophos Anti-Virus users have been able to protect against it since 1st December 2000. Protection against this worm will be included in Sophos Anti-Virus February 2001 (3.42) and later. In the mean time users can protect themselves with an IDE file.

Read further information about W32/Prolin and download the IDE file for protection.