Sophos opens Sydney anti-virus lab

November 28, 2000 Sophos Press Release

labSophos Anti-Virus, the world's leading developer of corporate anti-virus software, has opened a major anti-virus research facility in Sydney, Australia.

The Sophos Anti-Virus Research Laboratory Asia-Pacific, along with the facility at Sophos Headquarters near Oxford, in the UK, is playing a key role in the company's co-ordinated global battle against malicious virus writers.

"The Sydney virus research facility is now playing a vital role in Sophos's 24-hour responsiveness", said Richard Baldry, Managing Director of Sophos Australia. "It will become increasingly important in supporting our customers in Australia, New Zealand and South-East Asia."

"While the Sydney research lab is analysing viruses from our Asian-Pacific customer base, it is also working closely with Sophos's head-office facility to allow us to offer the very highest level of service to all of our users", said Dr Jan Hruska, CEO of Sophos Anti-Virus, who officially opened the new facility.