Focus on VBS/Kakworm - are you protected?

July 28, 2000 Sophos Press Release
VBS/Kakworm is an in-the-wild worm that exploits security vulnerabilities in Microsoft Internet Explorer and Microsoft Outlook in a similar way to the much publicised VBS/BubbleBoy-A.

Sophos issued an email alert on VBS/Kakworm, which is detected by Sophos Anti-Virus 3.31 or later, in January 2000.

Sophos InterCheck on-access scanner users should ensure "HTA" is in their list of extensions to check by default.

VBS/Kakworm appears to be extremely widespread, and Sophos researchers believe this is largely because individuals and companies have not applied a patch first issued by Microsoft in August 1999.

Microsoft's patch eliminates security vulnerabilities associated with two ActiveX controls (scriptlet.typelib and Eyedog). According to Microsoft these vulnerabilities occur with Internet Explorer 4.0 and 5.0 and could allow malicious code to run on a user's machine.

This patch protects users from attacks such as those by VBS/Kakworm as well as VBS/BubbleBoy-A.

For further information and to download the patch please view Microsoft Security Bulletin (MS99-032). We strongly recommend you install this patch.

Please read the Instructions for disinfecting VBS/Kakworm.