Sophos Anti-Virus gives Laika 'Badtimes' Advice

Sophos Press Release

Computer virus experts lend a hand with pop group Laika's new single

Sophos Anti-Virus, the world's leading anti-virus software provider and Laika, the uber-cool pop group, have joined forces for the release of Laika's new single 'Badtimes' at a time when the computer virus LoveLetter is dominating the headlines.

Laika's single is an amusing take on the hysterical tone of computer virus hoaxes such as 'Budweiser Frogs', 'It takes guts to say Jesus' and the infamous 'Give your cat a colonic'. Sophos is supporting the release of the song because it is committed to educating the public about the dangers of computer viruses, whether they are genuine or hoaxes.

"Virus hoaxes are a considerable problem and Sophos regularly receives more enquiries about hoaxes than any individual real virus," said Graham Cluley, head of corporate communications for Sophos. "Furthermore, the havoc caused by the recent LoveLetter virus proves that anything which generates interest and awareness about computer virus issues and computer safety can only be a good thing, which is why we were keen to get involved with the release of this single."

"Our song reflects an increasingly on-line world culture where ideas, information and music are exchanged electronically across continents," said Margaret Fiedler, lead vocalist for Laika. "The escalated use of email across the internet is a true phenomenon of this century and this whole concept made an excellent source of inspiration for the lyrics to 'Badtimes'. Our use of the actual words from the genuine Badtimes hoax is a satirical slight on the panic which has surrounded email virus hoaxes in the past, but the irony has been compounded by all the media attention which the LoveLetter virus has justifiably received recently."

You can read more about virus hoaxes: Sophos describes hoaxes.

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