Sophos and United Messaging announce licensing agreement to provide anti-virus protection for customers world-wide

March 14, 2000 Sophos Press Release

Sophos, the world-leader in corporate antivirus solutions and United Messaging, the leading messaging and email application service provider (ASP), has announced a licensing agreement that enables United Messaging customers to benefit from Sophos's virus protection. United Messaging's Message Control uses SAVI (Sophos Anti-Virus Interface) to provide United Messaging customers with the world's most powerful anti-virus technology.

"Sophos's technology provides our customers with exceptional scanning speed and accuracy, which are critical to ensure the security of today's networks," said Stephen Layne, chairman and CEO of United Messaging. "As a leading messaging ASP, our customers count on us to provide the highest quality and most dependable virus protection available. In Sophos, we have found an impressive track record, dedication to virus research, and a top-tier product that enhances the functionality of our Message Control service."

"United Messaging's integration of Sophos's virus-finding engine into their messaging network services is a ringing endorsement of our technology," said Graham Cluley, head of corporate communications for Sophos. "The Sophos Anti-Virus Interface allows third party products and services to benefit from what is recognised as the world's best anti-virus protection."

Through Message Control, Sophos Anti-Virus scans for viruses before they even reach the customer sites thus preventing Message Control protected companies from becoming infected. When Sophos Anti-Virus is updated on the Message Control server, all United Messaging clients are automatically protected. When a virus is detected, Message Control immediately alerts the sender as well as the receiver that the message contained a virus.

United Messaging is the latest in a long line of software companies, businesses, ISPs and ASPs choosing to integrate Sophos's powerful virus-finding technology into their applications and services. Using SAVI (Sophos Anti-Virus Interface) technology, third party vendors and service providers can combine Sophos's anti- virus capabilities with firewalls, email servers, encryption devices and other security-related devices.

About United Messaging

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