Sophos first to protect MailGate POP3 server

Sophos Press Release

Sophos, the world-leader in network-based anti-virus solutions, has announced that MailGate, the internet communication software company, has chosen Sophos virus detection technology to create the first POP3 mail server capable of virus scanning email on arrival.

MailGate is using SAVI (Sophos Anti-Virus Interface) to integrate the world-beating anti-virus engine into its mail server product, MailGate. This development will enable SME networks to benefit from on-access server virus scanning in the same way that large corporate network servers are protected.

"We felt we had to do something to spare our SME customers the considerable embarrassment of virus infection using email," said Andrew Hall, managing director for Open Access Technologies Group (MailGate's parent company). "In our view, the SAVI detection engine will provide us with the most reliable virus protection but another major factor in our decision to use the product was Sophos's reputation for first rate customer support."

"MailGate's integration of Sophos's virus-finding engine into their email server product is a ringing endorsement of our technology," said Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant for Sophos. "The Sophos Anti-Virus Interface allows third party applications to benefit from what is recognised as the world's best anti-virus protection".

SAVI will integrate seamlessly with MailGate software and will check all incoming, outgoing and internal mail for viruses before it is forwarded to the user's mailbox. SAVI disinfects and quarantines suspect mail and then prompts MailGate to notify the mailbox user and system administrator.

An integrated mail server and Internet proxy gateway server provides Internet access for everyone on the network through a single ISP connection, supporting company mail, concurrent Internet sessions, ftp and web downloads. Designed from the outset as an easily installable programme it allows access to a full range of services to be set up in half an hour. It supports PSTN, ISDN and permanent connections.

About MailGate

The company's range of internet products brings an integrated approach to secure Internet mail and web access. Many thousands of its mail server licences are used worldwide by commercial organisations like Nortel Networks Inc., ICL, Pitmans, EDS, Eurosat, Norweb and Slimming World; and by public bodies such as the Royal Astronomical Society, Henley College, Coventry Education Authority and U.N.I.C.E.F.

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