Sophos receives ICSA Windows 2000 certification

February 18, 2000 Sophos Press Release

Sophos Anti-Virus first to receive independent ICSA certification for Windows 2000 virus protection

ICSA certification

Sophos, the world-leader in network-based anti-virus solutions, today announced that its award winning product Sophos Anti-Virus has achieved ICSA certification for detecting viruses under Windows 2000.

"We congratulate Sophos on being one of the first anti-virus developers to attain independent certification of their ability to protect Windows 2000 users from virus attack", said Larry Bridwell, technology program manager at ICSA Labs. "Sophos's focus on anti-virus technology enables them to respond quickly to the changing computing environment and stay abreast of the latest threats."

ICSA sets standards for commercial security products and provides independent and objective cross-industry product certification programs. The ICSA Labs Product Certification Program provides objective assurance to computer users that products provide and maintain the highest standard of virus detection and reduce security threats associated with computer use.

"We are delighted to have received independent confirmation of the quality of our anti-virus protection on the new Windows 2000 platform," said Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant for Sophos Anti-Virus. "Viruses continue to be a problem under Windows 2000. Any companies considering migrating to the Windows 2000 platform should look for products which have received independent confirmation of their virus protection capabilities."

To achieve ICSA Anti-Virus certification on the Windows 2000 operating system, products must detect 100% of the viruses found to be "in the wild" via on-demand and on-access scanning. Products are tested against virus samples contained in the ICSA "zoo" or library. ICSA virus libraries and test suites are updated at least monthly and products are randomly tested every 60 days to ensure they are current. Products that fail spot checks from the previous month's library must correct the problem and ship the solution or the certification status is revoked. The complete criteria for ICSA certification can be found on the ICSA website.

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