Sophos receives Virus Bulletin 100% award

February 11, 2000 Sophos Press Release

SYDNEY - Sophos, the world leader in network-based anti-virus solutions, has announced that Sophos Anti-Virus for DOS has been awarded the Virus Bulletin 100% Award in the February 2000 edition of Virus Bulletin.

Virus Bulletin tested 13 different anti-virus products for their detection rates, lack of false alarms, and speed of scanning. Sophos not only detected all the in the wild virus samples it was tested against, but also came out with a perfect score in the false alarm test.

"We're delighted to have further independent verification of the quality of Sophos's anti-virus products," Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant for Sophos, says. "This award, combined with our successes recently in PC Magazine and Secure Computing, has been a terrific start to 2000."

About the Virus Bulletin 100% award

The Virus Bulletin 100% awards recognise those products best able to detect viruses known to be 'in the wild'. Unlike some other similar-sounding schemes, Virus Bulletin uses the most up-to-date WildList in its tests.

This means that products that are 'up with the game' are the ones most likely to be granted VB 100% awards.