December 1999

Sophos, one of the world's leading anti-virus developers, today criticised Computer Associates (CA) for adding to the hysteria regarding Y2K-related viruses.

31 Dec 1999

Sophos Anti-Virus questions the policy of shutting down email servers to protect against Y2K viruses.

29 Dec 1999

Sophos Anti-Virus receives award from Secure Computing Magazine.

21 Dec 1999

Sophos provides technical and virus support to customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year.

20 Dec 1999

David L Smith, the author of the Melissa virus, has pleaded guilty.

10 Dec 1999

Sophos campaigns to save Christmas elves from cruelty.

08 Dec 1999

NEXOR, an innovative supplier of secure electronic messaging and directory products, today announced it has chosen Sophos as its preferred anti-virus supplier.

06 Dec 1999

W32/ExploreZip-B spreads despite using the same tricks as the original version.

01 Dec 1999

Sophos advises companies on anti-virus best practice.

01 Dec 1999