Queensland Health chooses Sophos Anti-Virus statewide

October 14, 1999 Sophos Press Release

Queensland Health, the major provider of health services in Queensland, Australia, has selected Sophos Anti-Virus to protect its 4000 computer users across the state.

Thousands of email messages pass through Queensland Health's email gateway in Brisbane every single day, and every one needs to be scanned for computer viruses.

"Sophos Anti-Virus provides excellent protection against computer viruses and Trojan horses", a spokesman for Queensland Health commented. "Sophos Anti-Virus is also very fast ... it needs to protect the amount of email traffic passing through our gateway every day without slowing down its processing."

"We're delighted to have Queensland Health endorse our anti-virus technology", said Richard Baldry, director of Sophos's Australian office, "Sophos Anti-Virus is not only the world leader in network anti-virus protection, but we also provide the best technical support and customer service. Queensland Health are the latest in a long line of health services to choose Sophos Anti-Virus for their computer virus protection".