Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals get IT vaccine

July 07, 1999 Sophos Press Release


Sophos's security solutions are protecting Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals.

Sophos has won a contract worth £20,000 to supply Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust as part of its new NHS licensing policy.

The Trust is using the technology to protect patient-based information systems and essential clinical data. This includes mission-critical information stored electronically, from finance departments to operating theatres.

Oxford Radcliffe previously used various virus protection packages over a mixed environment of Macintoshes and PCs. It put the contract out to tender to consolidate on a single solution which could be managed across all their desktops on four separate hospital sites.

"We have a responsibility to protect patient data to the highest possible standards," said Nick Atkins, assistant director, information management and technology at the Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals. "Sophos has provided an easy to manage, cross-platform anti-virus solution which is updated regularly. It also offers the comprehensive range of services we feel are necessary to support our IT function in delivering this solution, from installation to training and technical support."

"Anti-virus protection continues to be a high priority for public sector agencies and this is reflected in the increasing number of enquiries we are receiving," said Paul Ducklin, head of research at Sophos. "The NHS and government departments are responsible for handling so much of the population's sensitive data, it is natural they should take IT procurement seriously."