Allegro integrates Sophos Anti-Virus Solutions into MailZone

Sophos Press Release

Allegro chooses Sophos to deliver best-of-breed anti-virus protection to client corporations worldwide

WOBURN, Mass. - Allegro, the USA's fastest growing Internet messaging service company and Sophos Inc., a world-leader in network-based anti-virus solutions, today announced a licensing agreement that enables Allegro's customers to benefit from Sophos's unique SAVI technology through the MailZone service package.

Allegro's MailZone is a web-based service that lets e-mail administrators control the content, size and type of Internet e-mail messages delivered to their system. Now, with SAVI, MailZone customers have access to a powerful virus detecting technology that can protect any corporate e-mail system.

"We chose to work with Sophos over its competitors because of their exceptional scanning speed and accuracy," said Richard Bliss, vice president of Marketing at Allegro. "When the Melissa virus broke out on a Friday evening, we saw an immediate turnaround. Every one of our MailZone customers were protected by the next business day."

"Allegro's decision to work with SAVI provides a strong endorsement for our expertise in the area of virus protection and cleaning," said Richard Jacobs, president of Sophos Inc. "This partnership fits nicely into Sophos's growth strategy to provide best-of-breed anti-virus protection as an integrated part of other high-end network services and products."

Through MailZone, SAVI scans for viruses on the Internet before they even reach the customer's server, therefore preventing MailZone protected companies from ever becoming infected. Once SAVI is updated on the MailZone server, each one of Allegro's customers is automatically protected. When a virus is detected, MailZone immediately alerts both sender and receiver that the message contained a virus.

"Using SAVI, we catch over 1,000 viruses per week," said Bliss. "We have found that using SAVI has become a critical means by which companies can securely connect to the outside world."

About Allegro

Allegro, a privately held company founded in April 1995, is one of the nation's fastest growing Internet messaging service companies, providing e-mail message management solutions for enterprises of any size. For more information, contact the company at 6450 Poe Avenue, Suite 416, Dayton, OH 45414, telephone: 800.209.6245, fax 937.264.7805 or visit the Allegro website at

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