Sophos's rapid deployment tool eases burden on NT networks

January 27, 1999 Sophos Press Release

SAVAdmin allows quicker installation, emergency updates and monitoring from a central workstation.

Sophos has designed an administrative tool to overcome the complexities involved in deploying software on Windows NT networks. SAVAdmin has been incorporated into Sophos Anti-Virus to aid software installation, configuration and network monitoring.

SAVAdmin reduces the time taken to roll-out anti-virus software across a network, by allowing it to be installed and configured from a central NT workstation. It is then possible to update all PCs and servers from this single point, as well as monitor any remote Sophos Anti-Virus installations.

"Due to the complexity of the networks on which NT software products are run, administrators must have access to effective tools to improve control over the network" said Cliff Penton, software development manager at Sophos. "SAVAdmin makes the life of a network manager a lot easier, as software roll-out and monitoring of problems such as unprotected workstations become much more efficient."

Please visit SAVAdmin or Sophos Anti-Virus pages for more information.