Sophos launches alphabetical guide to computer security

November 04, 1998 Sophos Press Release

From authentication to viruses, an at-a-glance guide to complete corporate protection

A comprehensive guide to computer security has been launched by anti-virus specialist, Sophos. The report, by Head of Research, Paul Ducklin, is targeted at IT managers wanting straightforward advice on keeping data secure.

The quick reference guide advises on all aspects of protection, including external and internal security threats. It covers issues ranging from programming in Java to computer misuse. It even includes tips on securing your building and warns of the need to protect against "social engineers"- credible-sounding hackers who use telephone calls to trick unsuspecting users into revealing security secrets. "These days, IT managers face attack from all angles. We compiled this guide to offer at-a-glance advice against a broad range of threats,"said Ducklin. "If the information provided saves even one company from losing its mission-critical data, it will have been worthwhile."

The guide is available by calling Sophos on 01235 559933.