Escape From Anti-Virus Turmoil

Sophos Press Release

Sophos Offers Network Associates and Dr. Solomon's Customers Stability

WOBURN, MA -- Sophos, the leading developer of network anti-virus software, today announced that it would make its best selling anti-virus product available to corporate users of both Network Associates and Dr. Solomon's Software free of charge.

The announcement comes in the wake of news that Network Associates is to acquire Dr. Solomon's Software. The free offer from Sophos allows customers of both companies to escape from the uncertain future of both products and put their anti-virus strategy back on a firm path. The offer is good for corporate users based in North America, who bought licenses prior to the takeover announcement this week. Concerned customers of Network Associates and Dr. Solomon's should register with Sophos before August 31st 1998. Sophos will then honor any remaining contracts (until June 1st 1999).

"Deals, such as the one between Network Associates and Dr. Solomon's, rarely benefit consumers. We believe that customers of both companies will suffer in terms of product stability and development, as well as service." said Richard Jacobs, President of Sophos, Inc "At this stage it is unclear whether Network Associates will try to merge the two product lines, or simply discontinue one of them. Corporate network managers cannot make plans on this basis. Sophos's offer gives consumers a simple way out of the confusion, as well as providing a single integrated product better able to protect their networks," This offer follows a similar offer recently made to customers of IBM Anti-Virus, after IBM decided to leave the anti-virus market.

Corporate customers of Network Associates and Dr. Solomon's should contact Sophos today (1-888-SOPHOS-9), to register for this offer, receive fully functional evaluation copies of Sophos Anti-Virus and expert advice to help with the transition.

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