Sophos offers free anti-virus protection to IBM customers

June 03, 1998 Sophos Press Release

Sophos today announced that it would make its Sophos Anti-Virus product available to corporate users of IBM Anti-Virus free of charge.

The announcement comes in the wake of news that IBM is leaving the Anti-Virus market and is handing all its customers over to Symantec as part of a technology deal. The free offer from Sophos allows IBM customers the option to switch over to Sophos today. The offer is valid to the end of users' existing IBM contracts.

"We don't believe that the IBM/Symantec deal is in the best interests of consumers," said Jan Hruska, technical director at Sophos. "Symantec's product range is designed around protecting single PCs, which is a very different task from protecting a corporate network. Sophos Anti-Virus has been designed from the ground up as a network solution. Our unique Client/Server architecture provides unparalleled advantages for the corporate user. IBM customers are likely to be these same corporate users."

Under the IBM/Symantec deal, development of IBM Anti-Virus ceases immediately and support for the product runs until the end of the year, by which time all IBM Anti-Virus users must change to a new anti-virus tool. Unlike Symantec, Sophos Anti-Virus provides full support for all platforms currently covered by IBM Anti-Virus.

Corporate IBM customers should contact Sophos today to receive fully functional evaluation copies of Sophos Anti-Virus and expert advice to help with the transition.

A free ninety day evaluation of Sophos Anti-Virus is already available to any company wishing to evaluate the software.