Sophos Anti-Virus Flies Through ICSA Certification

Sophos Press Release

WOBURN, MA - Sophos, the leading developer of network anti-virus software, today announced that its award winning software has been certified by the International Computer Security Association - ICSA (formerly NCSA). Version 3.07 of Sophos Anti-Virus for Windows NT (Workstation/Server), Sophos Anti-Virus for NetWare, and Sophos Anti-Virus for Windows 95 were granted certification following rigorous ICSA testing procedures.

"Sophos's products have been continuously developed to the highest standards over the last 10 years. No modifications were made for certification, we simply submitted the current version of Sophos Anti-Virus, which passed with flying colors." said Richard Jacobs, President of Sophos, Inc. "Certification was sought in response to customer demand, the ease with which it was obtained demonstrates the consistent excellence of Sophos's product range. Our own monthly QA procedures include all the tests performed by ICSA, along with a number of others that few, if any, other products could pass."

The Windows NT, Windows 95 and NetWare versions of Sophos Anti-Virus were submitted to ICSA for certification, however all versions of Sophos Anti-Virus, including DOS, OS/2, OpenVMS and Banyan VINES, detect exactly the same viruses at any given time. This means that, although ICSA are unable to perform certification tests on all these platforms, all 7 versions of Sophos Anti-Virus meet the ICSA certification criteria. No other antivirus company can match this achievement.

ICSA certification requires that products detect 100% of the "In The Wild" viruses and at least 90% of the "Zoo Collection" made up of over 10,000 known virus samples. This certification provides an international standard for assessing virus detection. The testing procedure is repeated four times a year to ensure that certified products stay current with the latest viruses.

More than 100 million users in 150 countries rely on Sophos’ complete security solutions as the best protection against complex threats and data loss. Simple to deploy, manage, and use, Sophos’ award-winning encryption, endpoint security, web, email, mobile and network security solutions are backed by SophosLabs - a global network of threat intelligence centers. Sophos is headquartered in Oxford, U.K., and is publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange under the symbol “SOPH.” More information is available at