New On-Screen Consultancy maximises anti-virus software efficiency

Sophos Press Release

Interactive help added to Sophos Anti-Virus CD.

Installing and updating Sophos Anti-Virus is now even simpler. The CD-ROM on which the software is now being delivered includes a unique interactive expert help system allowing customers to tailor their configuration options and maximise the efficiency of the software.

The new function is targeted at network managers of both large and small organisations. The user-friendly interface, which remains visible throughout a task, offers a step-by-step guide to installing Sophos Anti-Virus on a single PC or file server, or on all machines on a network. More complex issues, such as cross-platform deployment of the software are also covered, and German and Japanese versions are also available.

A single central installation from the Sophos Anti-Virus CD is all that is needed to automate updates of servers and clients across the network, which removes the time-consuming process of manually updating the software. This allows administrators to concentrate on the more important issues of virus protection.

Diskette images on the CD allow users to create unlimited floppy disk versions of the software quickly and easily, while the inclusion of a range of management tools, documentation and a link to the Sophos website further enhance the support given to Sophos clients.

"We wanted to create a fast, easy to use, performance-driven solution which will allow our customers to get maximum benefit from their software" said Petra Merne, marketing manager at Sophos.

The new On-Screen Consultancy is available free with Sophos Anti-Virus v3.07.

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