New Sophos interface speeds up virus protection

January 20, 1998 Sophos Press Release

Sophos Anti-Virus Interface (SAVI) offers thirty-fold increase in virus checking speed to third party applications.

Sophos today launched a unique open interface which allows third party applications to integrate seamlessly with its anti-virus protection system. SAVI is specifically designed to meet the needs of the ever expanding Firewall, email monitoring and gateway markets. The new technology brings Sophos's ten years of anti-virus expertise to many applications, including web browsers, FTP clients, installation and back-up applications.

Until now, applications have had to call command-line versions of virus scanners, which need to re-initialise each time a file is virus checked. SAVI's multi-threading DLL-based virus database technology typically increases performance over command-line scanners up to thirty fold.

Using a single copy of the virus database to process all requests, SAVI eliminates the memory constraints associated with command line scanners, which reserve memory each time they initialise.

"SAVI allows Sophos to integrate fully with other leading-edge technologies to provide an all-round security solution," said Peter Lammer, managing director at Sophos. "This is an exciting development which extends Sophos's expertise in virus protection far beyond the conventional desktop and file-server."

Sophos is expected to announce details of collaborations with a number of third parties in the near future.

Please, read the Sophos product brief Virus Detection in email using SAVI and MIMEsweeper.