Sophos Logo

You are welcome to download our logo to use in your news articles and features. Email for more information.

Download the zip file below for PNG images for use on websites, or EPS and PNG images for spot and 4-color printing.

Guidelines on how to use the Sophos logo

The logo artwork must always be used as a graphic and never recreated from the original font. The typeface is specific to the Sophos logo and must never be used elsewhere in relation to Sophos.

Sophos Blue
Four color process RGB
C 100
M 52
Y 0
K 0
Pantone 2935 R 0
G 91
B 187

Sophos Logo Spacing

Leaving an exclusion zone around the logo

An area of blank space should always be left around the Sophos logo. This exclusion zone is determined as the height of the logo's 'S'.

Using the logo on black/dark backgrounds

When printing on dark or black backgrounds, a variation of the blue logo is permitted. This comprises a white version of the Sophos logo, and should be used as long as there is enough contrast with the background. Where the background is not a flat colour, e.g. on a photograph, the background image must be tonally bland to let the logo stand out.

Sophos White
Four color process RGB
C 0
M 0
Y 0
K 0
White R 255
G 255
B 255

All images are copyright of Sophos Ltd.