Sophos Network Security Questionnaire

Data protection, app management and policy compliance for the latest mobile devices

Thanks for taking our Network Security Questionnaire. Click on your response and then click the "Next" button. After 10 quick questions, we'll provide you a scorecard that includes an overall rating as well as specific recommendations.

Question 1: How do you manage so many IT security challenges with your limited resources?

Question 2: How do you distinguish normal network activity from abnormal behavior that could be an attack on your network?

Question 3: How do you make sure your users are protected against email attacks like scams and phishing?

Question 4: How do you provide secure wireless access for all your offices, employees and guests?

Question 5: How do you make sure your Internet connection/ERP system has enough bandwidth?

Question 6: How do you control Internet use to make sure employees are productive and safe from inappropriate content?

Question 7: How do you quickly set up remote sites like home offices and stores?

Question 8: How do you manage access rights for contractors and guests? And deal with all their devices including laptops, tablets and mobile phones?

Question 9: How do you secure your Outlook Web Access against hackers and server attacks?

Question 10: Is your solution prepared to tackle Advanced Persistent Threats and the needs of mobile users?