Cyber Street

We’re proud to support this cross-government campaign led by the Home Office, funded by the National Cyber Security Programme, and delivered in partnership with the private and voluntary sectors. The Cyber Streetwise campaign aims to improve the online safety behaviour and confidence in both consumers and small businesses. Visit and click on our resources below to get wise to threats.


Clean Up Viruses

Staying safe online starts with a computer that’s free from threats.

You need to clean up viruses and keep them away with antivirus software. Whether you’re a business or consumer, Sophos can help. Download our award-winning free tools to get clean.


Get Wise to Threats

You don’t have to be baffled by security jargon.

Our Threatsaurus is an easy-to-use reference guide explaining threats and security terms. Get wise to cyber threats and learn how to stay safe with our quick definitions and simple security tips.

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Quick Security Tips and Resources

Secure your business, your school, yourself and your kids using these resources.

Read our articles and blog posts, download free whitepapers, and watch short videos for more info on improving your cyber security.

For Businesses

How do I protect my business and employees online?
How do I set up a secure website?

For Consumers

How can I shop and bank online securely?
How can I keep my kids safe online?


Keep Your Business Secure

Our Sophos Cloud Antivirus protects your business simply, completely and economically. It’s always up to date and simple to deploy, manage and maintain.

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