It’s Time to Synchronize Your Security

Stop Hacks and Attacks Dead in their Tracks

Make Your Defenses More Coordinated Than the Attackers

83% of IT managers agree: Cyberattacks have become more complex over the last year. Beat hackers at their own game by coordinating your defenses.

Sophos Endpoint Protection works together with Sophos XG Firewall appliances, sharing threat information and responding automatically to those threats. Together, they:

  • Elevate your protection
    Endpoints and firewalls actively working together.

  • Slash incident response time
    Compromised systems are isolated instantly, stopping threats from spreading or stealing data.

  • Transform your network visibility
    See and control all the applications on your network.

You can run XG Firewall appliances either in full firewall mode or in-line with your current appliance. Either way, your defenses are more coordinated than the attackers.

See What’s Hiding on Your Network

The majority of network traffic today is going unidentified, putting your security, compliance and productivity at risk. Sophos Synchronized Security solves the problem by instantly identifying risky apps and users on your network.

Synchronized Application Control identifies 100% of all evasive apps on your network so you can prioritize or block them as needed

Synchronized User ID and User Threat Quotient (UTQ) analytics enables easy integration with Active Directory so you can identify top risk user

Add a Synchronized Security Appliance To Your Network

Adding Synchronized Security to your network is easy. Sophos XG Firewall acts as the nerve-center for Synchronizing Your Security either as a purpose-built Synchronized Security Appliance working alongside your current firewall, or as an industry leading replacement for your next-gen Firewall.

Either way, you can easily add the full benefits of Synchronized Security to your network and manage it all from a single console with Sophos Central.