Sophos Responsible Disclosure Policy

Thank You!

At Sophos, we understand that producing perfect software is a difficult task. We’d like to thank all of the researchers that have brought all of these issues to our attention and helped us improve our products.

By adhering to our Responsible Disclosure policy, these individuals have helped Sophos and our customers operate in an even more secure manner.

  • Jayaram Yalla

  • Erlend Oftedal

  • Nagaraju Repala

  • Konduru Jashwanth

  • Remco Verhoef

  • Josh Pitts

  • Nessim Jerbi

  • Mandar Jadhav

  • Wilhelm-Jan Stiny

  • Huy Kha

  • MDSec

  • Ismail Hossain

  • Pradeep Kumar

  • Richard Dalton

  • Sam Raj Chowdary

  • Kamran Saifullah

  • Chirayu Mahajan

  • Abhishek Shroti

  • Jacob Baines, Tenable Network Security

  • Pal Patel

  • Maulik Vaidh

  • Vasim Shaikh