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Naked Security Podcast Episode 5

Naked Security experts Paul Ducklin, Matt Boddy and Mark Stockley teach you what to do about the recent Facebook breach, and discuss how to make mobile security more than just "some annoying thing on my phone that gets in the way." (Music: www.purple-planet.com)

Mobile security – how to have your cake and eat it

Join us as we talk to Sophos security expert Matt Boddy about how you can embrace the "bring your own" world of 21st century IT while staying safe and secure at the same time.

Privacy - can you have too much of a good thing?

Should we have more privacy to protect us from cybercriminals, or less privacy so those selfsame cybercrooks can't hide so easily? Join Sophos security experts Paul Ducklin and James Burchell for a lively discussion that is informative, entertaining – and just a touch controversial!