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Data Protection and Compliance in Higher Education

Data Protection and Compliance in Higher Education

Colleges acquire and store personally identifiable information about their students, alumni, employees, retirees as well as patient data at the medical school. It's not just grades and payroll – a college also develops a wealth of academic research, data and intellectual property.
Colleges are bound by both Federal regulations such as FERPA, PCI and HIPAA, as well as state privacy & disclosure law. Securing this information has become increasingly challenging. Users want data on demand – including access to file sharing, smartphones, laptops, social networks and cloud storage.
Watch this webinar to discuss best practices for creating and implementing a comprehensive data protection policy.

We'll cover:
• How to create policies and strategies for new devices and technology
• Managing employee file sharing, social networks, and smartphones
• Simple steps to protecting data in the cloud


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13 Sep 2012 View the Webinar