Top 5 Myths of
Safe Web Browsing

Get the facts to stay safe on the web

The truth about web security

Common misconceptions about web browsing can put your organization at risk. We'll help you debunk the myths, and reveal what the real threats are. We'll explain how to do it simply, with minimal disruption to your users. 

The top 5 myths of safe web browsing:

  • Myth: A strict browsing policy that only lets users visit trusted sites keeps us safe.
  • Myth: Scanning downloaded files for viruses keeps us secure.
  • Myth: Using a secure browser like Chrome offers better protection.
  • Myth: Macs are more secure than PCs.
  • Myth: The only way to protect offsite users is with a VPN or cloud service.

Protect against threats and reduce your risk

This whitepaper explains how you can keep up with the latest attacks—without slowing your users down. We'll give you the facts on the best web protection, and show you how to:

  • Block access to risky sites—and prevent infections from compromised legitimate ones
  • Protect "secure" browsers and operating systems against vulnerabilities
  • Use layered defenses to protect users wherever they are

Download the Top 5 Myths of Safe Web Browsing to get the facts and stay safe.

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