10 Steps to Better Secure Your Mac Laptop from Physical Data Theft

Technical paper

Sophos’s recent threat report showed that while the Macintosh platform is now becoming the target of the same sort of organized crime that affects Windows users, these attacks are still very limited in scope and in impact. Nonetheless, we Mac users cannot afford to be complacent. The success of many data theft attacks depends more on the target system’s user and the way in which they work with their computer, than on which operating system they have chosen to install.

Laptops are more susceptible to physical attack than desktop systems by their nature – because they are portable they are often taken out of the office and used to work from home, on the train or even in the local Starbucks. When you take your machine out on the road, you also take the data it contains with you - away from the safety of the corporate environment with its security controls and into new environments with new risks and threats. Home users, too, must realize that when taking their MacBook out of the front door, more of their identity is on display than simply their preferred laptop brand.

This paper describes the steps that Mac users can take to improve the physical security of their laptops, discussing the context and benefits of each change.

Download 10 steps to better secure your Mac laptop from physical data theft

This paper describes changes Mac users can make to improve the physical security of their laptops, discussing the context and benefits of each change. Zum Download


Graham Lee

Graham is a senior software engineer at Sophos, where he is the technical lead for the Mac team. He has spoken at numerous Mac and UNIX user groups. Before joining Sophos in 2007 he studied Physics at Oxford University, and subsequently taught computing to the department's undergraduates while maintaining their 1100-user Mac network. Graham has been described as "Oxford University UNIX expert" by MacWorld UK magazine.

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