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Sophos Cloud - Unsupported Operating System Alerts
29 Jan 2016

System requirements for Endpoint Antivirus for Sophos Cloud
19 Jan 2016

How to use Sophos Cloud to protect virtual machines with Sophos Anti-Virus for VMware vShield (Cloud Edition)
14 Jan 2016

How to deploy the Sophos Cloud software
14 Jan 2016

Sophos AutoUpdate fails to download files reporting a 'Checksum error'
14 Jan 2016

How to set up 'Per Virtual Machine' exclusions in Sophos Anti-Virus for VMware vShield Cloud Edition
13 Jan 2016

Sophos Cloud installer return codes
12 Jan 2016

Proxy support for Sophos Management Communication System
08 Jan 2016

How to uninstall Sophos Cloud from a Windows or Mac computer
04 Jan 2016

How to uninstall Sophos Cloud for Mac from the command line
04 Jan 2016

How to tell if a computer running Endpoint Security and Control is managed or standalone
17 Dez 2015

You don't have permission to use the application 'SophosUIServer.'
01 Dez 2015

Sophos Anti-Virus for VMware vShield (Cloud Edition) - Frequently Asked Questions
30 Nov 2015

"CID (version is too old for this appliance" Error is Displayed when Installing the Sophos Virtual Machine
25 Nov 2015

Sophos Anti-Virus Service fails to start following installation or upgrade to version 10.6.2
25 Nov 2015

SAV for OS X - Enabling Advanced Logging and Storage on Sophos Cloud managed endpoints
17 Nov 2015

Migrating from UTM Endpoint Protection to Sophos Cloud Endpoint Protection
12 Nov 2015

Adding Sophos Anti-Virus for Linux Cloud to an image
19 Okt 2015

How to uninstall Sophos Cloud for Windows from the command line or batch file
26 Sep 2015

Sophos Cloud Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
15 Sep 2015

Übersicht zur MTP/PTP-Unterstützung in Peripheral Control, verfügbar in Sophos Anti-Virus
09 Sep 2015

Running Sophos products on Mac OS X 10.9.5 and 10.10
09 Sep 2015

Precondition checks performed by the Sophos Cloud Installer
02 Sep 2015

How to deploy Sophos Cloud for Mac from the command line
27 Aug 2015

Linux EP not reporting as registering to the Cloud though the MCS.log file and config file show that it has registered.
18 Aug 2015

Incorrect password or the password does not adhere to the security policy. Please try again.
18 Aug 2015

How to show all (hidden) files in Finder
15 Aug 2015

Accessible mapped drives appear disconnected when creating a scan in Sophos Anti-Virus
13 Aug 2015

Unable to perform a right-click scan of a user created mapped drive with UAC enabled
13 Aug 2015

Erstellen eines Sophos Cloud 'Full Installers' für Windows zur Minimierung der Bandbreitennutzung zu Beginn
24 Jul 2015

Frequently asked questions about Sophos Cloud version of Application Control
23 Jul 2015

Enabling a diagnostic 'message trail' of Sophos Management Communication System
22 Jul 2015

Sophos Anti-Virus für Mac Cloud einem OS X-Image hinzufügen.
22 Jul 2015

How to deploy the Sophos Cloud Installer
30 Jun 2015

SophosInstall.sh issues with the Linux Cloud thin-installer
30 Jun 2015

Slow/Jerky Mouse Movement on SAV for Mac OS X 9.3.1 Cloud
15 Jun 2015

Installation Unsuccessful - An Internet connection could not be established
10 Jun 2015

Configuring the logging level of Sophos Management Communication System
01 Jun 2015

SophosInstall.exe – Befehlszeilenparameter
20 Mai 2015

Kombinierte Verwendung von Sophos Cloud und Proxy-Server mit Zwischenspeicherung
20 Mai 2015

Installation von Sophos Cloud Endpoint auf einem Vorlagen-Image zur Vermeidung doppelter Identitäten
20 Mai 2015

Methoden für die Automatisierung der Bereitstellung von Sophos Cloud-Software auf Windows-Computern
20 Mai 2015

Troubleshooting Sophos Management Communication issues managed by Sophos Cloud
30 Apr 2015

Default anti-virus scanning options for Sophos Cloud
10 Apr 2015

Sophos Cloud installer and the detection of other security software
06 Apr 2015

ERROR SUL-Log [E59264] Cannot locate server for [path to .dat]
02 Apr 2015

Mac OS X - 'The main virus data file is missing' message is logged in Sophos Anti-Virus.log
01 Apr 2015

The IP address for a Mac OS X client in Sophos Cloud shows as and or fe80::1
01 Apr 2015

Sophos Cloud - How to re-register a Mac if it has been deleted
27 Mrz 2015

Sophos Cloud installer log files
25 Mrz 2015

Sophos Management Communication System logging
23 Mrz 2015

Determining the Endpoint ID of a Sophos Cloud or UTM managed computer
23 Mrz 2015

Installation Unsuccessful - Failed to register with the Sophos server
13 Mrz 2015

How to resolve 'Malware not cleaned up' alerts in Sophos Cloud
12 Mrz 2015

Web Control policy fails to be sent to computers
13 Feb 2015

'Installation is almost Complete' warning at the end of Sophos Cloud installer
04 Feb 2015

Sophos Cloud for Mac installer shows: 'Download failed. Check your internet connection and try again'
21 Jan 2015

Default proxy configuration in Sophos Management Communication System
13 Jan 2015

Installation of Sophos Endpoint fails with return code 133
31 Dez 2014

Microsoft Security Client - Error code: 0x80070002 at logon
08 Dez 2014

How to override the computer name as reported to Sophos Cloud or a Sophos UTM
30 Nov 2014

How to determine the MCS_SERVER and MCS_REGISTRATION_TOKEN from the Sophos Cloud installer
21 Nov 2014

Understanding and troubleshooting policy compliance of Sophos Cloud managed devices
14 Nov 2014

Your system has an incompatible Sophos Endpoint product installed.
12 Nov 2014

NTP doesn't exist in the loaded adapters list warning in the MCS Agent log
08 Nov 2014

Modifying the default log file rotation for Sophos Management Communication System (MCS)
10 Okt 2014

'Failed to protect computer or server' event being reported against one or more devices
28 Sep 2014

Guidance on removing third party applications
26 Sep 2014

How to resolve 'Potentially unwanted application detected' alerts in Sophos Cloud
25 Sep 2014

Management Communications System - HTTP status 502
10 Sep 2014

Computer fails to register due to computer configuration or username
29 Jul 2014

Faulting application name: McsClient.exe on shutdown of the service
06 Mai 2014

Sophos Cloud Mac installer fails to launch on OS X 10.6 and earlier
01 Apr 2014

401 errors following the deletion of a computer in Sophos Cloud
14 Mrz 2014

Delay in computer start-up caused by Sophos Management Communication System
15 Feb 2014

Web browser crashes intermittently - swi_filter.dll the faulting module
29 Jan 2014

Other Sophos software is already installed on this computer
23 Jan 2014

The procedure entry point EncodePointer could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll
21 Jan 2014

Sophos products fail to be installed by Sophos AutoUpdate
21 Jan 2014

Computers with the same name, domain and user name are considered to be the same computer
02 Dez 2013