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How to: Migrating Sophos Disk Encryption 5.61 Clients to SafeGuard Enterprise (included in SafeGuard Disk Encryption Advanced license) and upgrading the client version to SafeGuard Enterprise 6.10
27 Apr 2016

00000052 Installation of Sophos Encryption Agent failed
25 Apr 2016

How to perform 'Encryption Recovery' for an encrypted endpoint that was removed from the console
04 Apr 2016

How to identify Sophos Disk Encryption endpoints that are already encrypted but do not have a Recovery Key stored in the database
12 Feb 2016

Recovering data from a Sophos Disk Encryption 5.61 Client using a bootable recovery media based on WinPE
12 Feb 2016

Sophos Disk Encryption/ SafeGuard Easy/ SafeGuard Enterprise (standalone) user forgot their password (Local Self Help was not activated)
12 Feb 2016

Migration from SafeGuard Easy/ SafeGuard Disk Encryption 5.x to Sophos Disk Encryption 5.61 fails with error 1306/ 1603
12 Feb 2016

You cannot change/modify the Sophos SafeGuard Client component from Add/Remove Programs or Program and Features
12 Feb 2016

"Challenge correct, but error on Response generation" error when performing encryption recovery
11 Feb 2016

SafeGuard Easy Recovery Keys Backup
11 Feb 2016

SafeGuard Enterprise: How to change the POA keyboard layout
03 Nov 2015

Sophos SafeGuard Authentication Service is not running, no further action possible! error displayed
09 Okt 2015

Problem mit Sophos Disk Encryption bei der Verwaltung über Sophos Enterprise Console – es kann sein, dass der Authentifizierungsschritt bei der Reaktivierung eines Laptops aus dem Ruhezustand ausgelassen wird
28 Mai 2015

SafeGuard Base Encryption Viewer reports error 3610 / 3611 when trying to access a drive
20 Apr 2015

Where are the Sophos Disk Encryption Tools located?
19 Mrz 2015

How to sign a Sophos Disk Encryption System Policy with the Company Certificate of the Sophos Endpoint Security and Control version 10.1 environment.
23 Dez 2014

Installation of Sophos Encryption Agent fails
25 Nov 2013

Re-protecting an endpoint with Sophos Encryption Agent failed with Error 00000057 'Installation of Sophos Encryption Agent failed'
09 Sep 2013