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How to apply license file to SafeGuard Management Center
24 Mrz 2017

Virtual Endpoint Client does not encrypt and Sophos Enterprise Console reports error 0x00000066 / Error 2057
21 Mrz 2017

Assign POA (Power On Authentication) Group to unmanaged computers in the SafeGuard Policy Editor/SafeGuard Management Center
21 Mrz 2017

'The Configuration Package you're trying to install is older than the already installed package. The installation was cancelled. Error: 25555' although no old Client Configuration package is installed.
21 Mrz 2017

Windows versions with BitLocker
21 Mrz 2017

SafeGuard Enterprise Client fails to boot, Windows error: Recovery from "File: \Boot\BCD Status: 0xc000000f" or File: Boot\BCD status 0xc0000098
21 Mrz 2017

How to exclude SafeGuard Disk Encryption for Mac from Time Machine backup
20 Mrz 2017

Preparing a USB device to run SafeGuard WinPE recovery media
30 Jan 2017

SafeGuard Disk Encryption for Mac: How to verify which EFI firmware is in use
28 Dez 2016

SafeGuard Enterprise Device Encryption: installation on imaged operating systems
24 Okt 2016

SafeGuard encrypted files cannot be deleted if logged-on user doesn´t have the required key in his keyring
18 Okt 2016

Sophos SafeGuard - Token and Smartcard Support in SafeGuard Enterprise /SafeGuard Easy 5.60.x / 6.00.x
18 Okt 2016

POST screen distorted after BIOS update
13 Okt 2016

Sophos licenses/Endpoint protection bundles and which components are included with each
06 Okt 2016

Do Sophos SafeGuard products have backdoors?
20 Jun 2016

SafeGuard File Share: Best Practice Guide
21 Mrz 2016