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SafeGuard Enterprise Client upgrade / uninstall: Error 25300 The Sophos SafeGuard Local Cache is corrupt
01 Dez 2016

The SafeGuard Credential Provider tile is not available on systems with a "Validity" fingerprint device and OmniPass software installed
16 Nov 2016

SafeGuard Enterprise Device Encryption: installation on imaged operating systems
24 Okt 2016

SafeGuard Enterprise: How to change the POA keyboard layout
18 Okt 2016

SafeGuard Enterprise: Autologon to Windows will not continue unless you press "Ctrl+Alt+Del" at credential provider level
18 Okt 2016

SafeGuard Easy (SGE) 6.10.0 Release Notes
18 Okt 2016

When saving the Bitlocker encryption key to a USB device, nothing happens.
03 Okt 2016

How to update to SafeGuard Enterprise 6.0 if Client and Management Center are installed on the same machine
03 Okt 2016

Windows versions with BitLocker
13 Sep 2016

Sophos SafeGuard Authentication Service is not running, no further action possible! error displayed
12 Sep 2016

SafeGuard POA is unable to load - troubleshooting guide
09 Aug 2016

How to add additional user to SGN, SDE and SGE clients
28 Jul 2016

SafeGuard Enterprise Policy Best Practice
20 Jun 2016

No SafeGuard Credential Provider available for logon after installation of the client on Windows Windows 7 or Windows 8.x
20 Jun 2016

SafeGuard Easy 6.0 Release Notes
20 Jun 2016

SafeGuard Base Encryption Viewer reports error 3610 / 3611 when trying to access a drive
26 Mai 2016

How to upgrade to SafeGuard Policy Editor 6.10
23 Mai 2016

SafeGuard Device Encryption: Recovering OPAL encrypted drives
05 Mai 2016

Running SafeGuard Enterprise / SafeGuard Easy on Windows 8
02 Mai 2016

Power-On Authentication (POA) won't start on HP 650 G1 and device is stuck with a black screen
15 Apr 2016

How to recover an unencrypted SafeGuard client
12 Apr 2016

How to allow a user to save the Key Backup files to a network share
30 Mrz 2016

Error message 'Could not verify the signature of the license file' when loading the license.xml
29 Mrz 2016

System Requirements for SafeGuard Easy
16 Mrz 2016

How to change the logon password for the SafeGuard Management Center or Policy Editor
12 Feb 2016

Device Encryption client installation fails with error message "5001 - Not enough contiguous disk space"
12 Feb 2016

Sophos Disk Encryption/ SafeGuard Easy/ SafeGuard Enterprise (standalone) user forgot their password (Local Self Help was not activated)
12 Feb 2016

Assign POA (Power On Authentication) Group to unmanaged computers in the SafeGuard Policy Editor/SafeGuard Management Center
12 Feb 2016

SafeGuard Easy 6.00.1: Release Notes
12 Feb 2016

Installation / Upgrade of SafeGuard Policy Editor 6.10 on Windows Server 2008 fails with "SafeGuard® Local Policy Editor requires at least Windows 7 SP1 or Windows Server 2008"
12 Feb 2016

SafeGuard Client 6.00.1: Installation and Upgrade
12 Feb 2016

SafeGuard Easy 7.0 release notes: New in Service Release SGE 7.0.1
12 Feb 2016

HOW TO: Migrate SGE/SDE Policy Editor to a new server
11 Feb 2016

When logging on to on a SafeGuard machine with Power-on Authentication disabled using the SafeGuard Credential Provider, following error message will be shown: "Sorry, access to this computer is locked"
11 Feb 2016

Roaming profiles are not written back to the server upon log off
11 Feb 2016

For ING Users: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
11 Feb 2016

INGFP Users: Where to find username, password and computer name
11 Feb 2016

SafeGuard Easy Recovery Keys Backup
11 Feb 2016

SafeGuard Easy 7.0 release notes: New in Service Release SGE 7.0.2
24 Sep 2015

SafeGuard Easy (SGE) 7.0 Release Notes
18 Sep 2015

Installation of SafeGuard Encryption Client stops with Error 5009
11 Sep 2015