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SAV for Mac OS X: How to install on an OS X disk image
26 Sep 2016

Endpoint Security and Control: Retirement calendar for supported platforms and operating systems
23 Sep 2016

How to remove adware web browser extensions on your Mac
22 Sep 2016

Using the Terminal to install or remove Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac OS X
14 Sep 2016

MacOS 10.12 Gatekeeper Can Cause Installation Failure
09 Sep 2016

Sophos Cloud - How to re-register a Mac
06 Sep 2016

How to remove the read-only Sophos keychain after uninstalli​ng
06 Sep 2016

End of life for Sophos Antivirus fixed version packages
23 Aug 2016

How to remove malware from a Mac OS X computer
18 Aug 2016

Sophos Central for OS X: How to override domain name, computer name, and description (9.5.1+ only)
22 Jul 2016

Sophos Central for OS X - How to enable domain overrides for reported users
21 Jul 2016

This scan is configured to deal with threats automatically. To scan all files on this Mac, you must authenticate as an administrator.
06 Jul 2016

How to create a pre-configured installer containing updating and On-Access scanning options
12 Jun 2016

SAV for OS X: Process Overview
09 Jun 2016

Information: _Sophos user on Mac OS X
09 Jun 2016

Update on OS X may fail with update server not reachable in the GUI
20 Mai 2016

Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac: Anti-Virus and HIPs policy - applicable settings
19 Apr 2016

Running Sophos products on Mac OS X 10.9.5 and 10.10
14 Apr 2016

Which machine name is sent to the Sophos Enterprise Console in different situations, and how to override it if needed
04 Apr 2016

Sophos Firewall has detected suspicious network activity C2/Generic-A from the following process(es)
10 Feb 2016

How to automatically assign a Mac endpoint to a defined group in Sophos Enterprise Console
10 Feb 2016

Removal tools for Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac
21 Jan 2016

How to remove Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac
04 Jan 2016

Sophos Malicious Traffic Detection and Sophos System Protection components are not re-installed after a manual removal is performed
26 Nov 2015

Supported Enterprise Console policies by endpoint platform
25 Nov 2015

Configuring a Mac OS S X CID to use a Message Relay
12 Nov 2015

How to enable verbose logging for RMS on OS X
02 Nov 2015

Endpoint Anti-virus Support for OS X 10.11 "El Capitan"
25 Sep 2015

Sophos Agent service - use of ephemeral ports
18 Aug 2015

Why does the removal of SAV for Mac fail?
15 Aug 2015

How to show all (hidden) files in Finder
15 Aug 2015

SAV for Mac: Using Sophos Anti-Virus via Terminal
30 Jun 2015

How to check which version of Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac you are running
30 Jun 2015

Memory usage in Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac OS X v9
15 Jun 2015

How to submit samples to Sophos
08 Jun 2015

Can a computer running Mac OS X become infected with viruses?
12 Mai 2015

ACE Errors about Localhost are generated by RMS
01 Mai 2015

Sophos Anti-Virus: languages supported
10 Apr 2015

Link to Antivirus for Mac documentation
11 Mrz 2015

Sophos credentials: usernames and passwords for Sophos customers
11 Mrz 2015

February 2015 release of Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac version 9.2.4 to the Recommended line
24 Feb 2015

An item that was detected and recorded in Quarantine Manager subsequently has the threat entry removed.
25 Nov 2014

Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac support for Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite)
28 Okt 2014

Installations of Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac fail to run on Mac OS X 10.9.5
22 Sep 2014

How to validate the authenticity of a Sophos Mac installer
22 Sep 2014

AutoUpdate and On-Access scanning not running with Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac version 9.1.6
18 Sep 2014

How to see what files are being scanned by the on-access scanner on OS X
26 Aug 2014

Sophos Enterprise Console briefly shows 'Up to date' status as 'Unknown' after update
15 Aug 2014

Device Control behaviour with Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac
05 Aug 2014

Parental Control users on Mac OS X 10.6 are unable to browse to any website.
16 Jul 2014

Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac OS X: some encrypted sparse bundles are not scanned during a scan of the entire system
16 Jul 2014

You don't have permission to use the application 'SophosUIServer.'
09 Jul 2014

Sophos Update Manager for OS X: Frequently Asked Questions
30 Jun 2014

Support for Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac on OS X 10.9 (Mavericks)
24 Jun 2014

WiFi is not automatically re-enabled on Block Bridge violations
06 Jun 2014

Updating behaviour of Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac OS X when its Secondary Update Location is configured to be Sophos
27 Mai 2014

SAV for Mac: Sophos Anti-Virus can't be installed on this computer.
12 Mai 2014

Download of Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac from Company webcid fails with Error 404.3 reported.
06 Mai 2014

What are the differences between a SAV for MAC standalone and Home Edition?
06 Mai 2014

Central reporting and the command line scanner
06 Mai 2014

SAV for Mac: Scanning infected file in 'Finder' produces further scans and alerts
06 Mai 2014

SAV for Mac: 'Scan This Mac' does not scan network shares which are not mounted in /Volumes/
06 Mai 2014

SophosAutoupdate continuously crashes in Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac version 9.0.7
25 Apr 2014

Device Control policy continues to be enforced after the user has removed Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac OS X
26 Feb 2014

Mac endpoint reports to the console as 'Unknown' and with only one IDE file
13 Jan 2014

Already attached devices are ejected when Device Control policy changes from Allow to Deny
18 Dez 2013

Mac endpoints running Sophos Anti-Virus version 8.0.16 or below see comments in 'Sophos Anti-Virus.log' stating that some IDE files are older than 90 days.
30 Aug 2013

Apple Macs updating from an Apache-hosted webCID fail to update
08 Jul 2013

Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac OS X: 'Please check and/or reinstall' error message
20 Jun 2013

Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac OS X: local installation fails to update
20 Jun 2013

Sophos Anti-Virus for Macintosh OS X: forcing an update on a client computer running version 8 or 9
20 Jun 2013

Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac OS X: updates fail with error 000000d2 - Could not mount Primary file server
20 Jun 2013

How to configure the Mac OS X firewall to allow communication with the Enterprise Console
21 Feb 2013

Sophos Anti-Virus für Mac OS X: Alerts beim Verschieben der Dateien in den Ordner mit den infizierten Dateien
18 Okt 2010

Sophos Anti-Virus für Mac OS X: Scan-Fehler im Systemprotokoll
18 Okt 2010

Erstellen eines cron-Jobs auf UNIX-Betriebssystemen
30 Jul 2009

Sophos Anti-Virus für Macintosh OS X: Identifizierung als Domänenbenutzer mit AutoUpdate
17 Mrz 2009