Product and Platform Retirements: all Sophos products

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This article provides links to information on the retirement of all Sophos products, and provides a link to details of the new product subscriptions.

Retirement is when all urgent software fixes, protection updates and support will end. The date shown is the last date for support. Generally there will be no software changes made in the preceding three months. For example, a retirement date of 30 June 2013 will have the last software engine update in late March /early April 2013. Protection updates (e.g. IDE files) will continue to be provided until 30 June 2013.

Maintenance is when feature development of Sophos Anti-Virus for these operating systems will end.

Articles detailing Sophos product retirements:

Articles detailing platform and OS retirements:

New product versions and subscriptions

For details of new product versions and subscriptions as they apply to Enterprise Console, see Software subscriptions in Enterprise Console with licences issued in June 2013 or later

Additional information

For an overview of our endpoint lifecycle policy, see Sophos Endpoint for Windows: Product Lifecycle Policy


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