How to Implement a Data Loss Prevention Strategy

What's driving data protection (DLP)

Access to information remains a necessity but the risk of it leaving is now significantly higher. The days when a firewall was enough are long gone. Because of this, data loss is a great concern.

Consequences of data loss

Regardless of how a company handles it, a data loss incident is heavily scrutinized. Inevitably, customers can lose confidence company, which means lost business.

Why use a multi-layered approach to DLP?

Data can leave the corporate network through a number of exit points. To mitigate the risk of data loss, companies should look for a DLP solution that monitors and and blocks content distribution.

DLP project preparation and implementation

Implementing the technical components of a DLP strategy can be a significant undertaking. You can make the process a lot easier with careful planning beforehand.

This paper walks you through the steps necessary to implement a practical DLP strategy. It also examines and show you how to tackle it using Sophos solutions.